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There and back again

Eventually made it back to Moscow after a week of sloth at home (except for Friday night, when I took Jason to see Fellowship of the Ring. That was time well spent).

My struggle to make it back here was almost laughable. I had no vehicle, and so I figured I could take a Greyhound back. However, it would take 9 hours, and cost $15 more if we ordered the ticket over the phone. Plane seemed like the next best idea, except all the cheap seats on the flights to Moscow disappeared while I was on hold with the ticket desk. For 40 minutes. I just kept refreshing the website and howling in agony.

In the end, the only way I could make it to that side of the state without selling my corneas was to fly to Spokane. I called Mike and he said he could pick me up. I knew his car was really broken though, so I wasn't sure if that was okay. Turns out he took the company van.

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Random searches, my eye. I was "randomly selected" to have all my stuff searched in Flagstaff...and then again at Sea-Tac...THREE times. Really. Dad dropped me off at Sea-Tac, my checked backpack was taken at the check-in desk for a special search, and then they let me have my boarding pass. I got extra-searched going through security, and then I was selected for another full search at the gate while boarding the plane. Do I look like a terrorist to you?! Mike said I don't, and I said that he did, and he's never been searched, so we figured they're just second-guessing themselves.

At check in, I was behind a woman and her baby. Then her husband cut in line from behind, pushing one of those huge racks that hold about 15 bags. Then her sister and brother-in-law tapped me on the shoulder and cut in front. Then the grandparents. In the end, ELEVEN people shoved in front of me. A huge (and rude) family of 13 going on my flight, and 4 of them were infants. 0_o

And all of them were already crying bloody murder. >twitch<

And all of them continuted to cry bloody murder, through security, to the gate, at the gate...and then boarding the plane, they all miraculously stopped, and I didn't hear another peep until Spokane. Amazing.

[i'm firenze!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

Arrived in Spokane yesterday afternoon. Waited around for Mike for 2 hours, with visions of exploding vehicles (and sugar plums) dancing in my head. Turns out, he spent an hour being late, and then an hour looking for me. I felt bad (and grateful), so I bought him lunch. He dropped me back at the house, where I found I was locked out (Clay had my key to water my plants, and he was gone). I dropped my bags in Brandon's room, and went back to Mike's.

Mike's room is like this...garbage everywhere, and the appearance of his closet having vomited onto the floor. That had extended to every room of the apartment except Tyler's. We both expected Tyler back that night, so we cleaned for awhile. I called Mom to let her know I was okay, and recieved instructions to call Tyler, which I did. Turns out he wanted a couple more days at home, so he's cutting class and will be home Tuesday night. No worries. He did that last year too. He really needs the time, and this way, he'll have a day or two with his folks.

Mike and I walked down and bought the video store. Rob Roy, Blade Runner, American Beauty, Princess Mononoke, Guarding Tess, and Pretty Woman. Spent the rest of the evening veggin' on the couch. Watched American Beauty (dark, sinister), ordered pizza (olives, cheese), then Guarding Tess (humorous, heartwarming).

Moseyed back to the house, found Brandon had gone to sleep and locked his door, and so fell asleep in my clothes with my contacts in. And that was pretty much yesterday.


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