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While sitting in colloquium today, Annoying Girl (right behind me, as usual) started loudly talking to her friend next to her about the topic she chose for a presentation in Doc's energy class (which I took two years ago).

"Yeah, so I picked a topic where there wasn't a lot known about it, you know? So I won't have to do a whole lot of reading."

"What did you pick?"

"Nuclear power."

"Yeah, I started out doing nuclear waste, but I didn't want to read all that Yucca Mountain stuff."

Then she started going on about how she didn't understand why people were so worried about nuclear waste, since we could always just shoot it off into space.

Ironically, the friend she was talking to was a member of my group project for Doc's Honors Chem class three years ago, and our topic was...nuclear power. Small world.

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