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My computer fan's been making a funny noise lately, so I've been watching it. It started to smell like burned rubber this morning, so I shut it down, whipped it out of the wall, and took it to the repair place. SHOULD be an easy thing. I expected to get it back by today. They said it should take at least 2 days (so I have no computer to work on this weekend), and maybe as long as a week. O_O

Then I went to the photo store. I took two pictures of Tyler and his mom in Australia, panoramics, that I wanted to get reprints. A week ago. The first exposure was fine, but they reprinted the wrong picture for the second exposure.

So I took it back last week and asked if they could redo it. They said yes, but they were getting a new machine and it wouldn't be done until Thursday. Fine. So I go in today to pick it up.

They reprinted the right picture...but it's HUGE! It's double the size of what it should have been! I can't put this with the other picture, and I don't think anyone has a use for a picture that size. It won't fit in a scrapbook. The girl at the counter tried to feed me some line about how the new machine probably prints them all like that, and clearly didn't care that I was upset, which defeats the purpose of my going to an independent photo place. I'm going to call, ask to speak to the manager, and either have them fix it for free, or I'm going to Rite-Aid. This should have been done right the first time...not the fourth time.

Then I went to the commons for lunch, dumped my entire crumbly muffin into my lap, and slipped sloppy marinara pasta on my pants TWICE.


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