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Enjoyed the usual breakfast at Café Extra. Dee and Tyler and Tim and I walked around the Rocks for some time, looking for a good Thai restaurant, but none was to be found (the only place was much too expensive). We stopped at a little plaza and got lunch there instead—I went to an Italian place and got some terrible minestrone soup (it had a very sour taste). Tim branched off after that, but the rest of us stuck together.

We went into a photography gallery, and found a really awesome underground puppet shop. All the toys were handmade and hand-painted, and the shop itself was lovely. A dark, stone-built underground cave, with walls packed with puppets and every square inch of ceiling packed with beautiful hand-painted colorful mobiles. I saw a butterfly one I liked, and Dee got a pretty one with a Noah’s Ark theme, strung on a pretty rainbow. They also had some cool handmade toys, and Tyler got a 3D wooden puzzle. The owners were very friendly and nice, and had actually been around Santa Fe and Albuquerque, so there was some home chat.

I don’t remember much else about this day. I should note that Blair, the youngest member of this trip, got a bad case of stomach flu the day we flew to Australia, and this was rapidly passed to many other members of the family, so many people at this time were feeling pretty sick and were accordingly laying low.*(1)

1. I had some echinacea with me and decided to see if it really prevented one from getting sick. I took it through the whole trip and remained healthy. Therefore:
Ho = No change, echinacea boosts the immune system
Ha = Significant difference, echinacea does not boost the immune system
p > 0.05, fail to reject the null hypothesis. State with 95% confidence that echinacea prevented me from getting sick (in all future repetitions). *(2)


3. This is a blatant lie.

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