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My room feels so much better now.

A few years ago, my mom got me a lovely poster of a painting I liked. This year, I decided to finally get it framed. However, it took several weeks to do the framing and I didn't want to hang up anything else until I knew how the room would look with my new picture.

So finally, I got the picture this weekend. It's a lovely print of Waterhouse's Miranda and the Tempest. It's on the west wall, closest to my bed.

Then, on my large north wall, I've hung my print of Michelangelo's Delphic Sibyl, Susan Seddon Boulet's Eagle Vision, and my two plant ID posters, Northwest Native Conifers and Northwest Woodland Wildflowers.

I should also mention that two dragons have come to live with me in the past two weeks. They help hold my books up (when they're not guarding the house and keeping my whale company), which is awfully nice of them.

With the addition of some rocks, lots of plants, and some Christmas lights woven around the windows, my room feels much more like me.

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