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Not quite...

I wonder what Tyler would think about this.

To be honest, I'm not all that surprised. I don't really fit into the stereotype of "girl", doing girly things and having girly ways. I like to play outside and get dirty, most of my best friends are (or have been) men, and I consider myself to be politically liberal (and I'm a what?). Because I don't fit that stereotype, tests like that assume that I am a lesbian.

Similarly, Tyler took a test like this once and was pronounced gay...because he's clean, friendly, likes to cook, and isn't amused by bodily noises. Since that doesn't fit into the male stereotype, the test assumed he was gay.

I don't find this disturbing at all...but I will admit, it is amusing to see how we define ourselves and the people around us. I should send this to some of my gay friends so they can laugh at me.


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