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Oh, fine.

So here I am, missing the cool temperatures and drizzle of my hometown. Then suddenly Seattle gets a day of record rainfall...floods, streets awash, mudslides, sinkholes, the whole works. The stuff I miss, y'know?

So I think that hey, maybe some of those clouds will make it over the Cascades and dump on us over here. It's happened before. I've driven out of Seattle often enough that I've been hit with the same storm I left that morning.

Instead, Seattle stays wet, and our dry, gray skies burn out, and we get hot, burning blue skies, not a single cloud, and the temperature jumps about 30 degrees. It's 80 over here today.

My own city spites me! I am being spite-ed.

Spitened. Spitered. Spit. Um.
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