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I have old feet.

Ever since I essentially tossed my shoes a year and a half ago and started going barefoot or sandaled all the time, the changes wrought in my feet have been interesting...and somewhat cool.

The skin on my feet has become much more dry, and looks a little aged. The veins are more prominent. The skin on my soles is very hard and smooth--the ridges that used to be there (think fingerprints) are history. My toenails are chippy. My feet have always been big (women's 12 narrow), but they have definetly ceased to be "pretty".

I'm the only person in my swing dancing class that can dance barefoot without the feet sticking to the floor. So...I'm the only person in my swing dancing class that can dance barefoot.

Wind Whistler is intelligent and articulate, if a little reserved. She has a great thirst for knowledge, and devours books on sight. She seeks to understand the world about her, as she sometimes feels removed from her environment. It is a pity that the other ponies don't appreciate her hard work and accumulated knowledge as much as they should.
Quote: "Keeping the ball in play is a simple matter of potential energy meeting mass and being converted into kinetic energy."

(I wasn't just whistlin' Dixie when I picked Wind Whistler as my pony namesake, ya' know.)

However, they are healthier than they have ever been in my life. They are very clean (bacteria-wise), and are probably the best-smelling feet for miles (they don't smell at all). They aren't hot or sweaty, no athlete's foot or funk. They are very sensitive to temperature and texture...not in terms of pain, but in awareness. I've grown accustomed to walking on different surfaces, but I'm always consious of it...and more often than not, I enjoy it immensely. Best of all, having my feet exposed to the weather for two consecutive winters has developed better circulation in my feet. They are rarely ever cold now, and when they do get cold, it takes a very long time for it to progress to a degree of discomfort.

The appearance of my feet bothered me for a bit. My feet had never looked like this before, and there's no doubt that the exposure is aging the skin of my feet (although my feet...muscles and tendons and bones...have never felt better). I had worried about this for awhile until I realized something. By not continuing to shelter my feet in socks and shoes, they have seen more of the world. They have outside contact. They have learned and changed.

Not necessarily older. Just wiser.

~Autumnwinds' Feet

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