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I bought myself a shexy thing.

Tyler and I went in to visit Eclectica yesterday, the local sex-toy store that also sells tickets to the local drag shows (and is staffed by awesome, funny people). Tyler was interested in window-shopping there around Halloween.

And I found my bodice!

For a long while, I've been in the market for a bodice/corset/type thing, just as something fun to wear to the drag shows or when I want to feel...whatever. However, I didn't want it to be some nasty, slutty pleather or red vinyl garbage. I wanted it to be elegant and beautiful, I wanted to feel like I looked good when I wore it, and I didn't want to buy anything that hurt.

Well, we went in yesterday, and I found my bodice there waiting for me. It's made of sparkling dark silver fabric (not shiny foil) with a black lining, and with a delicate pattern of black velvet leaves and vines all over it. It's exactly what I wanted, finally materialized. It's clasped at the side with some hooks and eyes, but the back laces. It also fits me well enough that even though it's strapless/sleeveless, it fits my chest well and doesn't fall open if I bend over.

It makes my chest a little sore to suck in while I'm doing the hooks, but it's not bad after that. Plus, I can always loosen the laces if I get uncomfortable. I'm not one to suffer pain in the name of beauty. I think that's dumb.

But I really really like the way I look in it in just my carpenter jeans, which I'll wear to the drag shows...and I have a slinky black skirt that hasn't gone with anything until now, but will look fabulous with this.

I don't feel physically beautiful very often, but this made me really smiley. :) :) :) I'm so pleased to have found what I was looking for.

It also came with two other things. One, a matching thong, which I gave back to the way did I want that thing. Two, four attached elastic garter straps. Luckily, they were easily detachable. I removed them and Tyler strung them together into some racy elastic projectile. Excellent.

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