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Tooth fixed!

The two dentists I left messages with last night called me back this morning (I had to take my cell phone with me to school, which I HATED) and said they couldn't see me until next week. O_O Luckily, one was able to recommend another practice on my list. They were much closer anyway, and they were able to get me in right away!

I actually knew the practice already because it's distinctive. It's called "bearable dentistry," and it has a sign in the parking lot that reads:

All others will be painfully extracted

Everyone was really nice. They got me an x-ray (no root damage), took a look at the chips (two), and whipped up a hard compound that they spread on the chips and polished down, so it feels like new. Pain was evidently due to the trauma. The tooth feels perfectly fine now, although the dentist is having me take 600 mg of ibuprofen 4 times a day to prevent any inflammation (that's 12 Advil a day for 4 days, mind you).

The waiting room had a cave in it. A big rocky cave, with benches and books inside for kids. They'd cemented a beaver skull into part of the rock, and by God, I knew it was a beaver skull. It was sciurognathus and everything.

Major wind today. Visibility here is usually many miles, but today it's less than half with the 50 mph winds that have been howling across our plowed hills. There's lots of dry leaves out now, and the wind's kicking them up into vortexes that reach up to 4 or 5 stories, and piling them up all over the place. Take that, leafblower guy on campus. It's quite wonderful. The whole house is groaning.

Studying for my population ecology exam tomorrow. I'm not as well prepared as I was last time and there's much more material for Oz to pick obscure stuff from this time, but unfortunately, I'm so tired and burned out that I'm just not the least bit stressed. I have no idea how I'll do.

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