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Settling into Coff's Harbor

We all had a bit of a lie-in this morning (in my own case, probably because I was trying to stay warm). I woke up very early during the whole trip due to the fact that I screwed up my body clock the first night in Sydney by going to bed far too early, but I actually liked the early starts and the quiet periods. I went downstairs and made breakfast, but remained cold. Tim eventually pulled out of bed and we talked for a bit, before he pointed out “you know, nothing raises your core body temperature like making scrambled eggs for Tim.” I took care of it. You never know.

I ate a lot of my breakfasts upstairs in bed with a good book, since the view was so nice. The back of our condo bordered a bit of seemingly-tropical Australian forest, with vines and palms, and a deep leafy understory. We had several palms right outside that had long chains of white berries in a circular ruff around the base of the frond. It looked like pearls. We also started to encounter bush turkeys here. They look somewhat like our female turkeys in the States (same size, too), only with a more naked head and with red and yellow wattles. We saw them all the time, scratching in the duff for insects. I think the guests tended to feed them, since a few would come up on our patio from time to time and look expectant.

Later Bob and I walked to the resort restaurant (him for breakfast, me for a snack and good company). The dining area was on a covered wooden platform attached to the main building, but totally open to the air and with a gorgeous view of the beach (the walk to the restaurant or beach went along a pleasant winding path through the forest, before ending at the grassy field that starts the beach). I feasted on some wonderful mushrooms for breakfast, but Bob later found out that the breakfast buffet was extremely uncomplimentary, and so we never ate there again.

Everyone else was out on the beach at this point. I went for a long beach walk, and then Dee and Tim and I made a run to Woolworth’s (local grocery store) for provisions (Jeni was starting to feel pretty sick at this point, which eventually blossomed into a truly nasty head cold and/or flu. Not SARS). Dee and I were browsing in the produce section when an Australian woman, evidently having heard our American accents, pushed her cart up to us and, with a very intent look, asked

“Excuse me, but what are ‘scallions’?”

Dee and I explained to her that scallions are another word we use for green onions.

“Ah. I see. Thank you.”

We continued shopping. It was interesting to compare the relative worths of the fruits and vegetables, and to see the different Australian names. I came around a display of potatoes and the lady ambushed me again.

“And what is ‘kale’?”

I did my best.

We got some fruits and vegetables, soups and mixed nuts to snack on, fresh bread and jam, more mint slices, crackers and cheese, cocoa, tea, and all sorts of eatables to sustain us. We headed back to the house, I read (Stranger in a Strange Land)and sewed for a bit, had some REAL minestrone for lunch, and basically took it easy for the rest of the day. Most of the crew went over to Aunt Helen and Uncle Lynton’s for dinner, but I was feeling tired and achy and decided to stay home and relax. Pleasant.

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