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What occured to me, about halfway through the movie Spirited Away last night, is that the plot of this entire movie is a King's Quest game.

I mean, .

(somewhat abridged)
Sen's parents get turned into pigs.
Sen goes to the bathhouse of the spirits.
Sen sneaks around back door to boiler roon to get a job.
Sen helps the little sooty guys with their work, is given a job.
Stink spirit comes to the bathhouse.
Sen gets a water token, washes off spirit.
Sen sees thorn in clean spirit, pulls thorn out.
Spirit is now healthy, gives Sen some sort of medicine ball.
Her friend Haku turns out to be a mortally wounded dragon
Sen makes Haku eat half the medicine ball.
Haku vomits up the stolen gold monogram seal of the evil witch's identical twin.
Sen feeds other half of medicine ball to whacked-out spirit, whacked-out spirit gets better.
Sen gets ticket to board one-way semi-submerged train, along with healed whacked-out spirit, a transformed fly, and a transformed fat mouse, once the witch's giant baby.
Sen returns seal to other witch, gets a magical hairband.
Sen rides back on dragon, who turned out to be a river spirit who once recovered Sen's pink shoe.
This revelation untransforms the dragon back into a human while at about 2,000 feet, but it's okay, they can fly.
Sen has suddenly becomes stronger, passes test to find her parents.

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