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Smorf...>blows nose<

I've gone through so much toilet paper for the nose-blowing. >tired sigh< I want to be better now. Less gooey.

Registration is tonight, so Tyler and I have to stay up and poke each other to stay awake until midnight, then fight the crowd online.

Here's some scheduling weirdness for you...

Thing 1
The fiasco as reported in this post resulted in my taking International Land Preservation next semester, and kicking out Economics. However, the only Econ course that I can take that following fall is Agricultural Economics 451. I hated my Honors Econ 201 class, and I can only imagine the joy of a 400 level agricultural econ class. So...I'm not doing it.

I talked to my advisor, and she basically said the intent is for me to take an upper-level econ course above the introductory level. There are two econ classes on Semester at Sea that will satisfy that without a problem. I'll take one then.

Thing 2
I was under the impression that I still needed one 3-credit Honors humanities course and one 3-credit upper-division Honors seminar in order to complete my certificate. I met with Anna today, and it turns out that first, I already satisfied my upper-division requirement (I substituted Tech Writing and forgot about it), and second, they changed the credit requirements from a total of 29 to 27, with less restriction on type. This means...instead of needing one more 3-credit Honors Humanities, I just need 1 credit of whatever I want. :D

The end result of this, among moving International Land Preservation up to next semester, kicking Econ out to Semester at Sea, and dropping two extraneous Honors credits, is that my courseload for my last semester at UI (Fall 2004) now totals...5 credits. That's well below the cutoff for a full-time student. It's also quite a shock for someone who usually takes 18. I was planning to just have a lighter semester, but that's muchlighter than I imagined.

So, what do I do? Do I try to weasel out of those other two classes and not attend UI in the fall? Do I fill up that time with fun classes and take an easy semester? Or do I stay a part-time student, and maybe get a job or do some research?

I think the last option is a good one, but I'll have to talk to some people that know stuff.

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