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This is quite the awesome. It's an easy 17 question quiz that tests your consistency between beliefs in higher powers, and their application to everyday philosophy. Please give it a try; I highly recommend it.

You can get dinged for two potential things: first ("take a hit") if you state one conviction for one question and then later completely contradict yourself with a later question. Two ("bite the bullet"), if you state some conviction, and later make a statement that agrees with the earlier conviction, but in such a way that you support an idea that society normally frowns upon.

It doesn't judge you based on your simply judges whether or not you hold hypocritical philosophies.

There's a lot of people that I would love to see confronting their beliefs in this way. Especially people that sell religion door-to-door. naruvonwilkins, if you're reading, I think this might be up your alley in particular. Also, possibly, troglodyteking.

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