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Wow...that looks weird in one of my subject headers.

I just got a package from Australia! From me!

My dad loves to try different kinds of beer--mostly pale ales, I think. He used to belong to a Beer of the Month club, where he'd get a dozen bottles of beer every month. He even saved the bottles.

Well, I'd heard pretty good things about Australian beer. So, while in Coff's Harbor this summer, I went to a big liquor store and bought 12 bottles of beer (my first time buying alcohol). I got 2 each of 6 different kinds, packed them up, and mailed them back to the US by seamail. It was to take at least 3 months.

Dee's Uncle Lynton, a crusty old Australian, said "you're wasting your time, girlie." He was positive some sailor would break into my box and drink all the beer.

But...the package arrived safely today, just about on time (I'd put a mark in my calendar last week to start the Australian Beer Watch). Now my Dad and my Uncle Jeff (another beer fan) will each get six cool-looking bottles of top-notch Australian beer for Christmas.


P.S. Weekend!

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